The Henyep Group is a leading global corporation with a diversified portfolio of businesses that span across three continents. With over 40 years of operational history and under the leadership of a visionary management team, Henyep has remained at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

Offering a unique blend of Western financial integrity and the emerging opportunities of the East, the Group’s core businesses encompass:

  • Financial Services
  • Direct Investment
  • Property
  • Education
  • Charity

The Group is dedicated to delivering best-of-breed services to its clients and community alike.
By focusing on its customers and core businesses, Henyep’s mission is to be global leaders in the industries in which it operates.

Financial Services

We have been a part the financial community for over 40 years and operate a diversified range of divisions serving a both retail clients and institutions. Current businesses include an SFC regulated Hong Kong Securities brokerage, Hong Kong Gold Dealers licensed trading business, consumer finance, and an online payment processing company. The Group has plans to continuously expand its current financial verticals and invest into other emerging opportunities. Learn more

Direct Investment

Henyep and its investment management team have made diversified investments into a broad range of sectors including financial services, Internet, technology, and public markets amongst others. We also focus our time on incubating and funding ideas which grow to become important divisions within the group structure or prominent stand-alone companies. Henyep has the capacity to invest its own capital without the limitations of a traditional fund structure providing an excellent source of long-term capital. Learn more


The Group’s property division makes strategic investments into real estate to diversify the Group’s assets and provide capital return. The Group holds Prime Grade A office properties in Hong Kong, China, and Dubai and is constantly looking for other opportunities. Through its wealth of planning, development, and management experience, the Group is able to add value to all areas of the investment cycle. Learn more


The Group is deeply committed to developing the wider community that it is part of. Choosing to focus on early age education, the Group is able to make a lasting impression on our youth and instill positive values. The Group operates schools in both Hong Kong and China and continues to seek for opportunities in the areas of online learning and continuing education. Learn more


Our 30+ years of community service lies at the heart of our founding principles. The Group’s Sheenhok Charitable Foundation led by Dr. Alice Chiu, is one of the most respected and active in Greater China having supported many causes and organizations to date including Operation Smile, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, amongst many others. Learn more