Why Henyep

There exists a diverse range of tremendous career opportunities within the Henyep Group. We are always looking for dynamic, driven, and team focused individuals wishing to join our mission to be global leaders in the industries in which we operate.

  • Our Culture

    Our people are our most valuable asset and hail from a diverse range of academic, social and ethnic backgrounds. At Henyep we are proud of our diversity as it leads us to embrace communication and teamwork to take on both business and life’s challenges.

  • Training and Professional Development

    Henyep employs on-going training and mentorship at all levels of the corporate structure. By welcoming open communication about career aspirations we are able to implement a structured goal oriented path for your career.

  • Compensation and Benefits

    Henyep provides highly competitive packages in order to attract, retain, and incentives our team.


Henyep is seeking individuals in the following broad areas:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Product Development
  • Financial content development
  • Financial educational content development
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Financial Controller
  • Back office

How to Apply

If you believe you can make a difference and would like to be considered for employment with the Henyep Group, please write to us.

Please email: [email protected]


WeCollect is a global provider of payment solutions focused on providing access to the Asian markets. Founded by industry veterans and backed by blue-chip investors including global conglomerate Henyep Group, we provide our clients with best-of-breed payment technologies and services which allow access to the fast-growing Asian consumer markets.

We have localized knowledge of the China payment market and our solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of targeted industry verticals which require specific needs. Our singular focus is to provide efficient and feature-rich payment solutions specific to global electronic and mobile commerce.

WeCollect provides unrivaled access to the China UnionPay network and other China specific payment methods which support all debit, credit, and bank cards issued by 200+ Chinese banks plus e-wallet companies providing blanket coverage of a large percentage of Chinese consumers.

We provide full front end and back end processing services including authorization, confirmation, settlement, and remittance of collected funds to merchants. Unique solutions including China UnionPay card issuing services complete a full-service offering.

As your China payment specialist, outsourcing this to WeCollect simplifies your operations and makes a usually difficult process easy and more efficient. We also provide industry leading real-time reporting and analysis tools to enable your operation to obtain detailed information. Our solution has been tried and tested to meet the needs of both small and large enterprises so no matter the complexity of your needs we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

WeCollect also provides solutions to other Asian payment methods for the Japanese and Indonesian markets. Solutions include JCB card issuing and access to multiple local card networks in Asia.